What We Do

Care 4 humanity foundation is a non-governmental foundation set up to meet the needs of the less fortunate and privileged. The organization was founded primarily to transform lives all round the globe, providing support in areas that needed it.

Educational Support:

Accessing quality education is what every child needs and shouldn’t be deprived of it. In Ghana and most part of the world, million of kids are deprived in one way or the other concerning their attainment of education. For this reason, Care 4 Humanity foundation seeks to help support and provide access to education for kids, improve education delivery to them as well.

Health Support:

The strength of every nation is the health of it’s citizens, if they are not healthy or not properly treated against diseases and pandemics, the the nation becomes weak. The infrastructure of Ghana health service is outmatched to the number of persons to which health services are delivered to. This is why Care 4 Humanity foundation assist in expanding hospital facilities, personnel expansion and volunteer programs and financial support to aid the improvement of health delivery and accessibility in the country.

Orphans Support:

We believe, every adult can be a parent figure to an orphan child provided they speak the language of caring. We care for orphans, street children and more, to help them build their lives through education and feeding them, as well as providing health support to them.